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The Kerala Books and Publications Society is registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Society registration Act, 1955 and is established in the year 1976. The Society is fully owned by the Government of Kerala and established for printing the entire text books for Standard I to X required by the school children in the Kerala State. The distribution of the textbooks is also entrusted with KBPS as per G.O. (Rt.) No. 5267/2009/G.Edn dated 15/12/2009 and from 2010 onwards KBPS is doing the distribution of textbooks up to School Co-operative Societies all over Kerala.  KBPS is doing the work of printing of lottery tickets for the Government of Kerala from 1984 onwards and carrying outthe distribution of lottery tickets from 2016 onwards. KBPS is also catering to the printing needs of other Government Departments/Organisations.

Our Process

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KBPS are high speed automatic machines suitable for large volume of production. Kerala Books and Publications Society have computerized Pre-Press facilities. The Society is equipped with the most moden Printing and Binding Machines.

Text Book Distribution

The Kerala Books and Publications Society (KBPS) is equipped to complete the distribution of volume-I textbooks before the school re-opening every year and subsequently Volume II and Volume III textbooks on time.

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