KBPS has taken up the work of printing and supplying of lottery tickets for the use of the Government from 1984. As per the agreement executed, the work is being done under strict security arrangements and in accordance with the specification and particulars containing in the order of the Director of State Lotteries, TVM. We are printing the required number of tickets for each of the lotteries as per the intend placed by the Director of state Lotteries from time to time. As per direction from the Lottery department, the conventional numbering system was later changed to computer generated bar code numbering from 2004 onwards. The Lottery department is taking delivery of the tickets directly from the Press after strict verification. The average production of tickets is around 1 crore per day.

Printing of tickets

Tickets are printed using GOSS WSD-598 WISPRINT 4 colour web offset printing machine. We are ableto print high precision security works in desired quality with in demanded time.


Conventional numbering system

From the year 1984 to 2007, all lottery tickets were printed in conventional system. In this system, the printed tickets were got numbered in Letter Press machines and checking was done manually by the staff in the lottery section.   
Computer generated bar code numbering system

The computer generated bar coding in lottery tickets was started from 1/1/2008 by the introduction of this system, bar coding, serial numbering and cross numbering are done in computer on the basis of the software supplied by the lottery department.

Bar coding, serial numbering and cross numbering are carried out in the computer system by engaging required contractors within the press and the work is executed strictly under our supervision.

QR Code number system: QR Code is a machine readable optical label used for string information that could be easily accessible to ascertain the authenticity, location and other details of the product. Lottery tickets with QR code would help to confirm its authenticity. Even the public would be able to find out the authenticity.

Kodak online high speed inkjet printing system is used for printing barcode, QR code and variable data.

Robocut Itotec programmable paper cutting machine is used for finishing works.