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The Managing Director is in immediate charge of the management affairs of the Society and the Printing Press run by the Society subject to the control and supervision of the chairman and Governing Body. There is 3 internal departments with department heads accountable to Managing Director viz.

Hierarchy of officers under the above mentioned departmental heads comprises of Assistant Managers, Engineers and Supervisors in the Managerial Cadre. The workmen category comprises of Machine Operators, Office Assistants, Machine Assistants, Helpers, Unskilled workers and Last grade employees in general.


Personnel, Administration & Purchase

Functioning of this department is based on the Memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulations of the Society. The department is headed by Manager (Personnel & Administration). Purchase section of the Society is also under the control of this department.



Printing and related works are done in this department. This Department is headed by Production Manager. The sections viz, Production Planning, Printing, Binding, Store, Maintenance etc. are coming under the Production Department.


    Finance & Accounts

All the financial matters of the Society are dealt with this department. Finance &Accounts Department is headed by Controller of Finance & Accounts.

Our Process

Creating a showcase of your work requires time, vision, and dedication. Whether you’re putting together a compilation of artwork, designs, or professional accomplishments, a well-done portfolio is a great way to get your work out there for others to see.


KBPS are high speed automatic machines suitable for large volume of production. Kerala Books and Publications Society have computerized Pre-Press facilities. The Society is equipped with the most moden Printing and Binding Machines.

Text Book Distribution

The Kerala Books and Publications Society (KBPS) is equipped to complete the distribution of volume-I textbooks before the school re-opening every year and subsequently Volume II and Volume III textbooks on time.

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