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Since the Society is working in the nature of 24 X 7 manner, Canteen facility is provide for all regular and contract employees working in the Society as per the statutory obligation under the Factories Act 1948. Society Canteen is run and managed by Canteen Committee consisting of members from the recognized unions and nominees of Management.



  1. The Canteen Supervisor ensures evidence of appropriate safe food and personal hygiene skills and knowledge.
  2. The canteen obliges food handling procedures in consistent with the administration policies
  3. Report and recommendations will be forwarded to the P&A on timely manner



Our Process

Creating a showcase of your work requires time, vision, and dedication. Whether you’re putting together a compilation of artwork, designs, or professional accomplishments, a well-done portfolio is a great way to get your work out there for others to see.


KBPS are high speed automatic machines suitable for large volume of production. Kerala Books and Publications Society have computerized Pre-Press facilities. The Society is equipped with the most moden Printing and Binding Machines.

Text Book Distribution

The Kerala Books and Publications Society (KBPS) is equipped to complete the distribution of volume-I textbooks before the school re-opening every year and subsequently Volume II and Volume III textbooks on time.

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